Logo Design Consultation

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Already have a site for your business? I'd love to take a look around.
Please let me know the exact words you would like to appear in your primary logo.
Do you have an existing tag-line for your company? If not are you interested in one for this project?
Please give me a general overview of what you do and why you continue this work.
What words or short phrases describe the essential qualities of your business?
Please describe the type of people you hope to draw interest from with your brand and aesthetic. What feeling or emotion do you hope to evoke from them?
Can you think of anyone in your industry that you really admire their work and/or branding?
Your uniqueness is valuble. What makes you different from the others in your field?
When to you hope to have a brand new logo ready to go?
Have any favorite designers or logos that get at the style you are going for with this project? Feel free to include links. Or have a pinterest board started? Great! Leave me the link here.
Tell me any colors you might have in mind. And then the ones you would never want to see in your branding.
Do you have preferences from modern san serif to handwritten type to classic and traditional serif fonts?
Is there any imagery that you would like to see in logo concept? And is there any imagery that you want to avoid completely?
What are the top 3 characteristics you would like represented by your logo?
Feel free to share any more concerns or preferences you might have.
Other Design Needs
Besides a main logo are you interested in any of the following?